Gibson Place Utility Water Treatment Plant

Gibson Place wastewater treatment plant aerial view

2.0 mgd facility with capabilities for the expansion to 4.0 mgd


Gibson Place Utility Company

The Gibson Place Utility Company WWTP is a 2.0 mgd advanced wastewater treatment plant currently being constructed to serve The Villages, Florida. The design allows for an easy expansion to 4.0 mgd. This is a fast-tracked project for The Villages due to the rapid pace of development (3,000 homes are annually constructed).

Halff is providing design, permitting and construction administration services. The WWTP consists of: ​

  • Headworks with fine screening​
  • Equalization/surge basin with jet aeration mixing​
  • 5-Stage Bardenpho biological process (Ovivo Carrousel)​
  • Secondary clarification​
  • Disc filtration​
  • Disinfection utilizing chlorine gas​
  • Reclaimed water storage and high service pumping​
  • Rapid infiltration basins for wet weather disposal​
  • Aerated sludge holding​
  • Sludge dewatering using belt filter presses​
  • Standby power, pump building, electrical, SCADA and control​

The project is being initially constructed as a 2.0 mgd facility with capability for expansion to 4.0 mgd to accommodate future growth within the Gibson Place Utility Company service area. ​

Halff took initiative in many ways to meet tight schedule demands. To expedite the permitting process, Halff conducted pre-application meetings with FDEP to give them advance notice about the project. Halff also incorporated key project management strategies, including:

  • Project execution via design-build method
  • Rigorous project oversight
  • Teaming together with proven subconsultants that demonstrate a history of success in accelerated projects
  • Project schedule rollout to all team members with defined tasks, roles and deadline expectations
  • Frequent progress meetings with team members and owners to stay accountable and on track

Halff Services

  • Water/Wastewater Treatment

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