Our Future Engineers

Videos 02-26-2021

For EWeek 2021’s Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, we asked some of the Halff family’s future engineers what they think engineers do. While we can’t confirm how much chocolate our engineers eat, they do enjoy designing and building “stuff.”



Jodi Hausenfluke
(214) 346-6257


Texas Municipal League Annual Conference
October 6 – 8
Houston, Texas

JEPB-UNF Environmental Symposium
October 15
Jacksonville, Florida

Texas Tech WreckShop
October 21 – 23
Lubbock, Texas

TX-APWA Annual Conference
October 20 – 22
Galveston, Texas

SAME Federal Small Business Conference
November 15 – 19
Atlanta, Georgia

Florida APWA Public Works Expo
November 2 – 6
Orlando, Florida