In the Know: Week of April 15-19

In The Know 04-19-2019

Topics: Drone captures Notre Dame Cathedral fire aftermath … and how 3D laser scans may help reconstruction / Sports stadiums anchoring mixed-use developments / Fifteen years of earthquakes in one animation video / Water features a big part of commercial developments / D-FW Metroplex shows largest growth ...

Pharmacy Safety Standards, Hazardous Drugs and Mechanical Design: What You Need to Know

Articles 04-17-2019

More than 8 million U.S. health care workers are potentially exposed to hazardous drugs in the workplace each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control ...

In the Know: Week of April 8-12

In The Know 04-12-2019

Topics: Oklahoma City plans to be a destination city / Settlement on the moon? Here is a vision / Designs take advantage of Instagrammable moments / Study outlines how our neighborhoods have changed / 3D scanning in geospatial world continues to grow. ...

In the Know: Week of April 1-5

In The Know 04-05-2019

Topics: Spring has sprung … and so have potholes (bonus: video of a pothole-repairing drone!) / Common deicer may be causing more damage / New Texas MLB stadium one year away / Planning for wildfires is a growing challenge / Science behind atmospheric rivers. ...

Case Study: Unique Bypass Channel Design Removed Roadway from the 100-Year Floodplain, Provided Cost Savings

Case Studies 04-03-2019

Bulverde Road in Bexar County, Texas, has become a major travel route for commuters and residents attempting to avoid the increasing congestion ...

In the Know: Week of March 25-29

In The Know 03-29-2019

Topics: A planner’s role in smart city development / Researchers prepare driverless cars for the unknown / Millennials are still purchasing cars / Groundwater by the numbers / Commercial drone delivery service takes flight. ...

In the Know: Week of March 18-22

In The Know 03-22-2019

Topics: Simulation integrates humans and autonomous cars / Texas Senate embraces resilience / Local park grants issued / Drones aren’t everywhere … yet / You’re invited to take a power nap. ...

David McCaskill Joins Halff as Director of Landscape Architecture

Press Releases 03-20-2019

Halff Associates, Inc. (Halff), one of the nation’s leading engineering/architecture consulting firms, is pleased to announce David McCaskill has joined its corporate headquarters with nearly 40 years of public and private ...

Happy Trails: Why an Urban Walkable Environment Is Such a Rewarding Path

Articles 03-20-2019

Urban trail planning generally begins with a line drawn on a map. Sometimes the line evolves into something we can see and touch and experience, such as an active transportation trail. When that happens, it becomes meaningful for citizens ...

In the Know: Week of March 11-15

In The Know 03-15-2019

Topics: Hi-tech transportation council / Pollutants out to sea / “Crime-fighting” parks / Water usage in the U.S. / Place and environment through basketball. ...

In the Know: Week of March 4-8

In The Know 03-08-2019

Topics: Female trailblazers in engineering such as Edith Clarke / National Proofreading Day / Blue-green infrastructure / Transportation funding movement in the U.S. / Texas high-speed rail. ...

Case Study: How a Custom Software Flood Assessment Tool Helps Prioritize Future Analysis

Case Studies 03-06-2019

Floods can’t be prevented entirely. That being said, flood risk can be identified, and mitigation measures can be established to reduce flood risk and consequences ...

In the Know: Week of Feb. 25-March 1

In The Know 03-01-2019

Topics: Autonomous solutions for the trucking industry / Apartment construction forecast / Utilizing drones for construction safety / Hottest markets for medical office building development / Groynes (not groins) and their purpose. ...

Finding the Right Solution Often Includes Software Development

Articles 02-27-2019

Halff employees have been dedicated to solving problems and creating sustainable solutions since the firm was founded 69 years ago. Halff’s Software Development practice plays a large role in finding those solutions by providing innovative tools ...
Mark Llewellyn Jr.

Mark Llewellyn Jr. Named FES Big Bend Chapter’s Young Engineer of the Year

Inside Halff 02-27-2019

Transportation Team Leader and Senior Project Manager Mark Llewellyn Jr. has been named Young Engineer of the Year by the Big Bend chapter of the Florida Engineering Society (FES). Each year, one member of FES earns this ...

Jacob Hays Named TSPE Fort Worth’s Young Engineer of the Year

Inside Halff 02-25-2019

Project Manager Jacob Hays has been named the Young Engineer of the Year by the Fort Worth chapter of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers (TSPE). This award is presented to individuals less than 34 years old who exhibit outstanding ...

In the Know: Week of Feb. 18-22

In The Know 02-22-2019

Topics: New Orleans’ flood defense system / Three African-American inventors you need to meet / Smart technology in commercial buildings / Highway funding alternatives testing / Countries with most pavement per person. ...

Bringing Clean Water to Those in Need

Inside Halff 02-20-2019

Engineers Week provides an opportunity to showcase how engineers make a difference in our world. Volunteers serving in the Engineers Without Borders program live by that guiding principle every day. The organization, which was officially founded in 2002 by Dr. Bernard Amadei in Boulder, Colorado ...

In the Know: Week of Feb. 11-15

In The Know 02-15-2019

Topics: LEED building in Texas / Roadway construction in the sea / Collin County (Texas) development / Mineral survey location monuments / Power generation at the Hoover Dam. ...
Mike Marlar unveiling

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson Unveils Mike Marlar’s Painting as Official 2019 Arkansas Duck Stamp

Inside Halff 02-15-2019

Some people are predominantly "left-brained." Like many engineers, they're gifted with analytical and methodical thinking. Others' brains are usually stronger ...

Mike Watson Joins Halff as Business Development Manager

Press Releases 02-14-2019

Halff Associates, Inc. (Halff), one of the nation’s leading engineering/architecture consulting firms, is pleased to announce Mike Watson has joined Halff+Marlar's Little Rock office as a business development manager with 40 years of experience in public service and surveying. ...

Gold in Our Midst: The Hidden Value of Parks

Articles 02-13-2019

One element that distinguishes a good city from a great city is its parks. Parks improve the quality of our lives—whether we use them for recreation, connectivity, socialization or to recharge our spirits. Parks are an investment in our society ...
Chris Caron

Chris Caron, PE, Joins Halff as South Texas Transportation Director

Press Releases 02-12-2019

Halff Associates, Inc. (Halff), one of the nation’s leading engineering/architecture consulting firms, is pleased to announce Chris Caron, PE, has joined Halff South Texas transportation director. Chris joins Halff with 30 years of experience ...

In the Know: Week of Feb. 4-8

In The Know 02-08-2019

Topics: Elevator safety during floods / Earthquake-detecting sensors / Soldiers outfitted with drones / Gondola rides to the ballpark / Emergency road repair funding. ...

Halff Associates, Inc. Expands Into Florida; Acquires Genesis and Genesis CEI

Press Releases 02-01-2019

RICHARDSON, Texas and TAMPA, Florida — Halff Associates, Inc. (Halff), one of the nation’s leading engineering/architecture consulting firms, announces the acquisition of Tampa-based GGI, LLC (Genesis) and its construction engineering and inspection ...

In the Know: Week of Jan. 28-Feb. 1

In The Know 02-01-2019

Topics: World’s tallest buildings / Driverless vehicle liability legislation / Warehouse construction forecast in DFW / Self-healing metal coating strategy / VR theme parks in malls. ...

Roundtable: Why a Collaborative Approach to Flood Resilience Is Important

Articles 01-30-2019

The 2018 APA Texas Conference last fall included a workshop titled, “Flood Safe Texas—Collaborative and Modern Approaches.” The key word in that title is collaborative. Collaboration certainly is not a new concept, but it can be ...

In the Know: Week of Jan. 21-25

In The Know 01-24-2019

Topics: Vision for Houston Spaceport / Technology in urban park development / Best and worst places to drive / LiDAR being used to measure snowpack / 3D printing concrete evolves. ...

10 Things You May Not Have Known About Oklahoma Oil and Gas

Articles 01-23-2019

Oklahoma is among the top oil and natural gas-producing states in the country. Despite the state’s overall number of working rigs decreasing slightly late last year and early in 2019, the “Sooner State” boasts 14 of the nation’s 100 largest ...

In the Know: Week of Jan. 14-18

In The Know 01-18-2019

Topics: Winter water headaches / Road maintenance and our environment / DFW Metroplex commercial real estate / Importance of designing and building to code / Mixed reality being used in construction. ...

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Civil Works—the More You Know

Articles 01-09-2019

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is a diverse organization. One of its many missions is to develop and manage the nation’s water resources. USACE, acting under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act, serves as the regulatory agent issuing permits ...

How Asset Management Helps Maximize Existing Assets, Prioritize New Projects

Articles 12-19-2018

America’s deteriorating infrastructure has been widely documented over the last few years. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) estimates the U.S. needs to spend $4.5 trillion by 2025 to fix the nation’s roads, bridges, dams, water systems ...

Scott Barrett, PE, Joins Halff as Vice President and Operations Manager

Press Releases 12-19-2018

OKLAHOMA, Oklahoma — Halff Associates, Inc. (Halff), one of the nation’s leading engineering/architecture consulting firms, is pleased to announce Scott Barrett, PE, has joined its Oklahoma City office as vice president and operations manager. ...

Troy Dorman, PhD, PE, CFM, Joins Halff as Director of Water Resources, South/Central Texas

Press Releases 12-18-2018

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Halff Associates, Inc. (Halff), one of the nation’s leading engineering/architecture consulting firms, is pleased to announce Troy Dorman ...

Matt Stahl Earns Associate Water Asset Manager Certification

Inside Halff 12-11-2018

Matt Stahl, PE, CFM, has earned the Associate Water Asset Manager certification. ...

How Art Brings Value to the Trail

Articles 12-05-2018

Trails are a great way to provide recreational opportunities. They are a means of connectivity within a community and can also serve as a tourism destination. While providing transportation, trails can offer conservation and educational benefits. Trails have been proven to boost a community’s image and economic value ...

A Look Behind the Curtain at UAS Program Preparation and Safety

Articles 11-21-2018

Unmanned aircraft systems, better known as drones, are making a significant impact in the A/E industry—useful for a number of meaningful applications. In subsequent articles, topics such as quality control, data validation and project deliverables ...

Coleen Johnson Appointed to Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying

Inside Halff 11-19-2018

Survey Manager Coleen Johnson, RPLS, PMP, of Halff’s Austin office has been appointed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott to the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying (TBPLS). She will serve a four-year term that expires in January 2023. ...

Rusty Steel Joins Halff as Geospatial Manager

Press Releases 11-15-2018

Halff Associates, Inc. (Halff), one of the nation’s leading engineering/architecture consulting firms, is pleased to announce Rusty Steel has joined its Oklahoma City office as a geospatial manager with experience providing ...

James Barr, PE, Joins Halff as Senior Transportation Engineer

Press Releases 11-09-2018

Halff Associates, Inc. (Halff), one of the nation’s leading engineering/architecture consulting firms, is pleased to announce James Barr, PE, has joined its Halff+Marlar office in Little Rock as a senior transportation engineer. ...

Defining How and to What Level Autonomous Vehicles Hit the Open Road

Articles 11-07-2018

Autonomous vehicles rely on an integrated system of advanced technological components to travel down the road. Learn more, and how different levels of automation are defined. ...

Why Properly Structured Water Databases Are So Important

Articles 10-24-2018

One of the hottest topics this year among water experts and managers has not been about water itself. The topic? Data. It was deemed so important that Texas’ leading water data stakeholders were invited to Austin in April to participate in a workshop. ...

Technological Advancements Have Allowed for Better Flood Risk Analysis

Articles 10-17-2018

Flood risk is top of mind for many municipalities and residents within those communities because of severe storm events in recent years. Texas suffered more flood-related fatalities in 2017 than any other state, by far, according ...

Regulation of Professional Geoscientists at Stake With Sunset Commission Decision

Articles 10-03-2018

There will be a hearing November 14–15, 2018, in which the Sunset Commission will present its decision about the discontinuation of the regulation of Professional Geoscientists in Texas. If the Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists is abolished ...

Austin Young Professionals Named to ASCE Leadership Roles

Inside Halff 10-02-2018

The Austin branch of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Younger Member Forum (YMF) recently welcomed Austin employees Katherine Smith and Garrett Davidson as committee chairs. ...

The Importance of Implementable Comprehensive Plans

Articles 09-19-2018

Comprehensive plans guide the future of many cities throughout the country. They are a direct outgrowth of the two standard state enabling acts published by the U.S. Department of Commerce in the 1920s. For many states, these Standard Acts ...

Tyler Richburg Named to Two ASLA Committees

Inside Halff 09-06-2018

Landscape Architect Tyler Richburg of Halff's Austin office was recently appointed to serve on two American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) committees: the Associate Advisory Committee and the Leadership Development Committee. ...

Flood Risk Technology, Part IV: Flood Inundation Mapping and Forecasting

Articles 09-05-2018

Residents often don’t have much reaction time to prepare or evacuate when a flood strikes, especially in smaller watersheds. But what if our communities knew with greater confidence what areas would flood during a rainfall event? ...

How Visualization Helps Us ‘See’ the Road

Articles 08-22-2018

Imagine being dropped right into the middle of traffic on Interstate 635E, which loops around Dallas. It’s a version of the highway you have never seen before. Look around. You experience wide-open expanses, elevation changes and new traffic patterns. Not only are you seeing what this new interstate looks like ...

Halff Intern Awarded TexITE Scholarship

Inside Halff 08-21-2018

The Greater Dallas Section of the Texas District of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (TexITE) recently awarded a scholarship to Halff intern Mynor Jacome for the second consecutive year. Mynor was one of two recipients to receive the highest scholarship award amount. ...

Gary N. Oradat, PE, Joins Halff as Director of Water Utilities

Press Releases 08-02-2018

Halff Associates, Inc. (Halff), one of the nation’s leading engineering/architecture consulting firms, is proud to announce Gary N. Oradat, PE, has joined Halff’s headquarters in Richardson as director of Water Utilities. ...

Jessica Baker Named ENR Top 20 Under 40, Shares Insights at ENR Roundtable

Inside Halff 08-02-2018

Vice President Jessica Baker was recently named to ENR's national Top 20 Under 40 list after being selected at the regional level for Texas and Louisiana. At ENR's invitation, Jessica traveled to San Francisco in June to participate ...

Halff Associates, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Marlar Engineering Co., Inc.

Press Releases 07-30-2018

Halff Associates, Inc. (Halff), one of the nation’s leading engineering/architecture consulting firms, has announced that Marlar Engineering Co., Inc. of North Little Rock, Arkansas, has joined Halff. ...

10 Things You May Not Have Known About Right of Way

Articles 07-25-2018

Right of way is defined by Merriam-Webster as an easement or servitude over another's land conferring a right of passage. However, it is more particulary described as a strip of land used as a roadbed—for street, highway or railway—or for ...

Ceremony Celebrates Williamson County RM 620 Widening Project

Press Releases 07-24-2018

ROUND ROCK, Texas — Williamson County officials unveiled Phase 2 of RM 620 improvements during a ribbon-cutting ceremony July 23. Halff Associates, Inc. (Halff), one of the nation’s leading engineering/architecture consulting firms, developed ...

Stephen Gbur, PE, Joins Halff as Senior Project Manager

Press Releases 07-17-2018

HOUSTON, Texas — Halff Associates, Inc. (Halff), one of the nation’s leading engineering/architecture consulting firms, is proud to announce Stephen Gbur, PE, has joined Halff’s Houston office as a senior project manager ...

Finding Dollars to Build Our Highways

Articles 07-11-2018

Who pays for our highways? And how? Those are multibillion-dollar questions today in Texas, where highways are becoming more congested due to skyrocketing population growth, and a funding shortfall exists to address all high-demand projects. The attempt to mitigate congestion is often outweighed by other critical ...

Friendly Competition Leads to Better Ideas and Workflow

Inside Halff 06-29-2018

Sports teams will often hold scrimmages—or practice games—that involve team members competing against each other. The goal of these scrimmages is to improve players’ individual performances while helping teams discover their own strengths. ...

What Local Governments Need to Know Before Pursuing Federal Funding

Articles 06-27-2018

Local governments have an important decision to make before committing to widen a roadway, add a turn lane or even construct a new recreational trail for residents. Will they accept federal funding for the project? Federal grant programs assist ...

Seven Halff Summer Spots to See

Inside Halff 06-15-2018

Summer is often thought of as a time for a nice getaway. Many people across the country take to the coasts for a relaxing vacation on the beach, while others retreat to the mountains to leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind for a few days. Some even venture to an […] ...

Designing a Built Environment That Is Resilient

Articles 06-13-2018

Hurricane Katrina made landfall near New Orleans in 2005 and wreaked havoc on built-up areas of the Gulf Coast. The Caribbean, Eastern United States and Gulf Coast areas were then visited by devastating hurricanes Irma, Maria and Harvey in 2017. ...

HCI Landscaping Project Benefits Emily’s Place

Inside Halff 06-05-2018

Employees from Halff's Richardson office improved the curb appeal of a home last week during an HCI effort in Plano, Texas. The volunteerism was for Emily’s Place, which provides long-term housing and counseling for women ...

Halff Earns Zweig Group’s Trifecta Award

Inside Halff 06-04-2018

Halff has won several awards from the Zweig Group recognizing our achievements in the A/E industry. First, Halff was named to the Zweig Group's 2018 "Best Firms to Work For" list based on a variety of factors, such as our workplace practices, employee benefits, retention rates and more. ...

From Start to Finish, a Brush With Greatness

Inside Halff 05-29-2018

Most of us cringe. That is, when we’re asked to sketch any semblance of a person or a face. Even in the simplest of board games, the challenge of drawing can cause sheer terror. Landscape designer Letora Anderson is not one of those people. ...

HCI Helps Restore Houston Home Affected by Flooding

Inside Halff 05-25-2018

HCI volunteers from the Houston and Conroe offices spent Saturday, May 12, volunteering and teaming with Rebuilding Together Houston (RTH). Together, they helped restore the home of Ms. Betty in the Garden Oaks area of Houston. ...

Flood Risk Technology, Part III: Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling

Articles 05-23-2018

Planning and designing projects that identify risk and mitigate flooding are top of mind, especially following the devastating 2017 hurricane season and other recent dramatic rainfall events. ...

Tim James, PE, CFM, Joins Halff as Business Development Manager

Press Releases 05-23-2018

RICHARDSON, Texas — Halff Associates, Inc. (Halff), one of the nation’s leading engineering/architecture consulting firms, is proud to announce Tim James has joined Halff’s headquarters in Richardson as a business development manager with more ...

Why Benchmarking Your Building’s Energy Efficiency Is So Important

Articles 05-09-2018

Sustainability is a cornerstone of most buildings designed today. Sustainable design preserves critical resources such as energy and water, and incorporates materials that are environmentally friendly. What can be done about older, existing buildings? ...

Shaun Cranston Joins Halff as Director of Land Development Services

Press Releases 05-03-2018

AUSTIN, Texas — Halff Associates, Inc. (Halff), one of the nation’s leading engineering/architecture consulting firms, is proud to announce Shaun Cranston has joined Halff’s Austin office as director of Land Development Services. ...

How Infill Redevelopment Can Benefit a Community

Articles 04-25-2018

Common sense tells us it is much easier and more attractive to develop land that hasn’t been touched. A greenfield site, which has not previously been used for any residential, commercial or industrial purpose, offers a clean slate and a multitude ...

What You Need to Know About Stream Erosion, Stabilization and Restoration

Articles 04-11-2018

Take a step back in time for a moment and imagine yourself trekking across Plano, Texas, 150 years ago. If you prefer a South Texas suburb, settle in Katy. Or head north to Oklahoma City. Prairie lands exist as far as you can see. ...

Where? Surveyors Have the Answer

Articles 03-28-2018

Land surveying is often a tale of the classic five W’s. However, the "where" part of the equation is the most important part of surveying. Surveyors provide information about where things are, such as boundary lines or physical features on the ground. They can tell us where future boundary lines or physical features are wanted. ...

The Story Behind Destination Parks

Articles 03-14-2018

Merriam-Webster defines destination as "a place worthy of travel or an extended visit." In the landscape architecture world, that destination could be a park, an urban plaza or even a walkway that connects points of interest within a community. Destination parks all have stories ...

Flood Risk Technology, Part II: Historical Rainfall Records

Articles 02-28-2018

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria have altered parts of Texas, Florida and the Caribbean forever. As a result, new criteria and standards for flood control/stormwater features are being examined closely. ...

Ryan T. Smith, PE, CMQ/OE, Joins Halff as Director of Construction Services

Press Releases 02-20-2018

RICHARDSON, Texas — Halff Associates, Inc. (Halff), one of the nation’s leading engineering/architecture consulting firms, is proud to announce Ryan T. Smith, PE, CMQ/OE, has joined Halff as director of Construction Services. Ryan brings nearly ...

The Value of Communication and Interaction in Process Safety Management

Articles 02-14-2018

It is known to oil and gas firms as Regulation 29 CFR 1910.119. Its purpose: “This section contains requirements for preventing or minimizing the consequences of catastrophic releases of toxic, reactive, flammable or explosive chemicals ...

Jessica Baker Named Top Young Professional by ‘ENR Texas and Louisiana’

Inside Halff 02-12-2018

Vice President Jessica Baker (Richardson), PE, CFM, PMP, was recently named to ENR Texas and Louisiana’s 2018 Top Young Professionals list. Formerly the publication’s Top 20 Under 40 list, firms from across Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi ...

Applying Low Impact Development Features That Are Practical

Articles 01-31-2018

What do bioswales, detention/retention basins, vegetated rooftops, permeable pavers, constructed wetlands and rain barrels have in common? They are low impact development features that assist in managing stormwater runoff. ...

Caught in Traffic? Time to Think About the Future of Transportation

Articles 01-17-2018

Ah, stress. You know it well. It’s that anxiety that overcomes you when all you can see is an ocean of red brake lights in front of you on the interstate. Breathe. The average rush-hour commuter in America spends 42 hours per year sitting in gridlock ...

Matt Bucchin Named Division Chair of APA’s Sustainable Communities Division

Inside Halff 01-10-2018

Team Leader and Director of Planning Matt Bucchin (Austin) was named the division chair of the American Planning Association’s (APA) Sustainable Communities Division (SCD) on Jan. 1. He will be the division chair until Dec. 31, 2020. As division chair ...

When to Consider Daylighting a Stream

Articles 01-03-2018

Think about the most exciting places to go in your community. In many cases, they are where the water and the land meet—edges of streams or lakes or even oceans. Those areas create interest, value and opportunity. They are where the energy is at. Throughout the last century, many of the […] ...

Ethics Are Deep-Rooted in Halff Culture

Inside Halff 12-13-2017

Ethics have been an integral part of Halff Associates since Dr. Albert H. Halff opened a one-room office in Dallas’ Snider Plaza 67 years ago. For proof that ethics are still as important as ever within the firm, look no further than Halff’s Torch Awards for Ethics honor received from […] ...

The Future of SUE Includes Deep Locating

Articles 12-06-2017

Knowing where utility lines are located is critical. No owner wants to encounter a surprise during construction, which could ultimately delay a project and increase costs dramatically. Safety is a primary concern as well, especially when encountering natural gas or petroleum pipelines. ...

Flood Risk Analysis Project Earns ACEC Texas Award

Inside Halff 12-05-2017

This year’s dramatic hurricane season and subsequent flooding events only reinforced the demand to accurately identify flood risks and needs. A recent Halff project—an award-winning project—has provided a solution. ...

Employee Feature: Forging a New Path

Inside Halff 11-29-2017

There’s just something about nature that keeps drawing Fort Worth GIS Team Leader Matt Kocian outside. Whether it’s the wildlife, the open air, the possibility of an adventure, or the opportunity for a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of city living, Matt likes to experience the natural world as frequently as he can ...

Flood Risk Technology, Part I: An Overview

Articles 11-22-2017

Allison, Katrina, Sandy, and Harvey are names that will forever be synonymous with the United States—for all the wrong reasons. They were each the “perfect storm” that left cities and regions underwater, shattered lives, and caused billions of dollars in property damage. Tropical Storm Allison blew into Texas in June […] ...
VR scene of Vista Church Commons

Virtual Reality Allows Viewers to See and Interact With Projects in Real Time

Inside Halff 11-15-2017

Imagine putting on a pair of goggles and being transported into a new world—a world so vivid and responsive it tricks your brain into believing you’ve left behind your physical reality. Envision yourself taking a virtual trip to the top deck of the ...

10 Innovative Uses of Virtual Reality in Today’s World

Inside Halff 11-10-2017

Virtual reality is on the rise, and many industries are making the most of it to give customers and clients a vivid, “otherworldly” experience. Here are some unique ways VR is making an entrance into our everyday lives. ...

What You Need to Know About Section 404 Permitting

Articles 11-08-2017

If you type “Section 404 of the Clean Water Act” or “Waters of the United States” into an internet browser, you will see a list of links rooted in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and even schools of law. ...

When Recreation Becomes Transportation

Articles 10-25-2017

Even in the South—where the highways are wide, the distances are great, and the summer heat is oppressive—there is a growing demand for facilities that support bicycling and walking. Could it be that we are ready to ride our bikes to the office? Walk to the grocery store? Shun our trucks for pedals or walking shoes? ...

How LiDAR Contributes to the World Around Us

Articles 10-11-2017

LiDAR is a lot like a five-tool baseball player. It is extremely versatile and excels at helping us accomplish greater things. LiDAR is such a dynamic technology that it is used for an array of tasks such as floodplain modeling, urban planning, coastline ...

Silver Telly Awards Mark Big Achievement for Halff Visualization Practice

Inside Halff 10-03-2017

Halff's Visualization practice was honored with two prestigious silver Telly Awards this summer. The Telly is the preeminent award that recognizes outstanding content for TV and cable, digital and streaming, and non-broadcast distribution. Halff ...

McAllen Office Helps Kick off National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Inside Halff 10-02-2017

Halff's McAllen office recently participated in its first Halff Community Initiative (HCI) event by helping the patients, families, and staff of the Vannie E. Cook Jr. Children’s Cancer and Hematology Clinic kick off National Childhood Cancer Awareness ...
John Kluber

John Kluber, PE, LEED AP, CEM, Joins Halff as Vice President and Director of MEP, North Texas

Press Releases 09-26-2017

RICHARDSON, Texas — Halff Associates, Inc. (Halff), one of the nation’s leading engineering/architecture consulting firms, is pleased to announce John Kluber, ...
The Very Hungry CANerpillar

Halff Canstruction Team Earns “Best Original Design” for Canstructure

Inside Halff 09-15-2017

For the third consecutive year, volunteers from Halff’s Richardson and Dallas offices participated in Canstruction, a charity art exhibition and event featuring ...
Torch Awards

Halff Associates Wins Prestigious Ethics Award

Press Releases 09-14-2017

RICHARDSON, Texas — Halff Associates, Inc. (Halff), one of the nation’s leading engineering/architecture consulting firms, was recently named the winner of the 2017 Better Business Bureau (BBB) Torch Awards for Ethics in the large business ...

Employees Rally to Help After Harvey

Inside Halff 09-13-2017

Little did Erik Verduzco know, he would become a first responder—pulling people from high water, shuttling them to a nearby shelter, providing comfort. After all, he was just trying to make his eight-mile drive to Halff’s Houston office to see what kind of shape the building was in while Hurricane Harvey ...
Jose Delgado

Jose Delgado Earns RCDD Certification

Inside Halff 08-24-2017

Congratulations to our McAllen office’s Electrical Team Leader Jose Delgado, PE, who recently earned his Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) designation from the Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI). The RCDD accreditation is recognized worldwide and is one of the highest design ...
Van Short

Van Short, PE, Joins Halff as Transportation Team Leader

Press Releases 08-22-2017

AUSTIN, Texas — Halff Associates, Inc. (Halff), one of the nation’s leading engineering/architecture consulting firms, is proud to announce Van Short, PE, has joined Halff as Transportation Team Leader in the Austin office. Van brings to Halff ...

Steven Miller, PE, Joins Halff as Transportation Practice Leader

Press Releases 08-09-2017

AUSTIN, Texas — Halff Associates, Inc. (Halff), one of the nation’s leading engineering/architecture consulting firms, is proud to announce Steven Miller, PE, has joined Halff as Vice President and Transportation Practice Leader based in our ...


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