Our Work

Halff is a one-stop consulting resource. Our highly diversified team uses the latest technology to consistently deliver smarter solutions and better value. Our growing project portfolio stretches across the Southwest and beyond.


Is your project straightforward? We’ve got you covered. Is your project complex? No worries. We’ve still got you covered. With a universe of services under one roof, Halff can seamlessly deliver smart solutions for even your most difficult challenges.


Halff develops smarter engineering and architectural solutions for a variety of market sectors. Some projects are big; some are small. But no matter the scope of the project, every solution is designed for one purpose: our clients’ success.

Good workplace design makes a difference. Halff’s designs can have a powerful impact on improving human performance and business results. We create well-conceived, sustainable sites and buildings. Our designs attract the most desirable tenants, improve business processes, create competitive advantage, and even potentially lower operating costs. We serve corporations, developers, and institutional investors with our full toolbox of services to deliver high-performance results.

View Corporate Projects Below:
Ben E. Keith
Dallas Cowboys Merchandising
Hope Center

Halff offers comprehensive, “one-stop-shop” solutions to maximize your property value. Whether you’re redeveloping a brownfield site or planning a new development in an urban, suburban or rural area, we can help. That’s because our in-house professionals will navigate all the complexities, develop a sustainable project, and maximize marketability and desirability. Industrial, office, retail facilities, residential subdivisions, master planned communities – we’ve done it all.

View Development Projects Below:
Central Park
Heritage Business Park

School projects are more than opportunities to support an institution’s growth, mission, and traditions. They’re a chance to stimulate the minds of new generations by creating innovative academic and social learning environments. Halff delivers smart, sustainable solutions for K-12 and higher education facilities. Our approach invites multiple stakeholders to define their objectives and goals, resulting in a unified vision that creates a sense of ownership, builds excitement, and ensures project success. It’s more than just architecture and engineering; it’s seamless collaboration that results in inspirational, high-performing, low-maintenance, sustainable environments for learning. Halff designs education buildings and spaces for teaching, training, research, and administration.

View Education Projects Below:
Morning Star Academy
UT Southwestern
UT PanAm

As budget reductions and financial constraints continue, public agencies are relying more on the private sector to deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions for aging infrastructure – and create new initiatives that not only meet today’s needs but are reliable and sustainable for the future. We serve as an extension of your staff, delivering high quality, timely projects that meet your budgetary requirements. Our innovative team includes many professionals who’ve served in the public sector and are familiar with government criteria, standards, preferred methodologies, and contracting procedures.

View Government Projects Below:
Rochelle Blvd.
San Antonio Medical Center
White Rock Spillway

America’s role in the global energy market has changed dramatically through increased production of oil and gas, which puts the U.S. well on its way to becoming energy independent. Our oil and gas team manages complex challenges, from initial upstream exploration and production activities through midstream processing, treatment, and product transmission. We focus on solving problems, providing responsive services, delivering quality, and exceeding expectations. We take pride in building collaborative partnerships so that we become your trusted advisors.

View Oil and Gas Projects Below:
National Oil and Gas Services
Piney Woods
Gas Processing Design

The transportation challenges we face today require innovative thinking from professionals who have delivered countless projects for local governments, state DOTs, toll authorities, transit agencies, public agencies, and private design-build contractors. Halff’s in-depth experience with these clients, our understanding of transportation needs, and our exceptional project delivery make us a leader in the development and design of streets, highways, toll roads, rail systems, and airports. Get our team working for you.

View Transportation Projects Below:
NTTA PGBT Eastern Extension
Cesar Chavez Blvd.
Border West Expressway