Process Management Tools

Process Management Tools (PMTs) are a collection of innovative solutions for efficiently managing and interacting with data. PMTs tie geospatial and tabular data into an easy, user-friendly interface. Halff tailors each solution to meet our client’s unique needs, incorporating enterprise databases, GIS, role-based security, and mobile device support. Access to information is provided through web browsers and the Halff GIS iOS app. Our PMT solutions can be used independently or as a fully integrated solution.

HALFF Web Maps

Web maps provide users the ability to view and work with GIS data through a standard Internet browser. The web maps developed by Halff use Esri’s JavaScript API and can be customized for any project. Web maps can incorporate GIS data hosted by Halff as well as data that has been published using Esri’s REST services and several Open GIS standards. Web maps can play an important part in your workflow by providing an intuitive, easy to use interface for sharing geographic information among stakeholders without the requirements of licensed desktop software.

  • Custom web map development
  • Support for secured access
  • Data layer and base map controls
  • Web-based data editing
  • Data check-out services
  • Customized GIS analysis tools

Halff GIS iOS App

Halff developed a mobile GIS data collection application for use with Apple’s iOS devices (iPhones and iPads). The Halff GIS iOS app is available as a free download from the Apple App Store. The app has been designed to support multiple map services through a single login.  Each map service can be individually configured with options for attribute field display, data collection, data modification, photo/video attachment, and related table access. The app’s security module uses an Internet browser interface which easily allows the project administrator to assign and control the availability of the mobile map services to the registered user accounts.

To try out the Halff GIS iOS App:

  • Visit the Apple App Store on your iPhone or iPad and search for Halff.
  • After downloading, sign into the Halff domain (the default) with the username “demo” and password “demo.”
  • You will see a few different maps available; please look around and experiment!
  • Select a mobile map service and explore the app’s functionality.

Halff TrackIT

Halff TrackIT provides project tracking through innovative technology by integrating traditional database information with web forms, dashboard reporting, and GIS based web maps. Each TrackIT application is a unique solution to meet our client’s needs and can support a wide variety of projects; examples include pipeline construction, right-of-way acquisition, and drainage reviews. The TrackIT applications provide increased coordination between the project partners through improved accountability, transparency, and visualization of the project status. Authorized users are able to access and interact with the TrackIT applications from a variety of platforms, including mobile devices since the interface uses a standard Internet browser without the need for plug-ins.

TrackIT Application Functionality:

  • Easy to use browser based interface
  • Role-based security access
  • Database search and query features
  • Document attachment
  • Report generation
  • Dashboard reporting using metrics, charts, and graphs
  • Status updates and reminders
  • Automated notifications and email support
  • Web map and mobile GIS integration
  • Workflow support with rule enforcement


Halff adapts each PMT Application to meet the needs of our clients. We leverage a variety of databases, application programing interfaces (APIs), role-based security, and mobile data access solutions. Fully hosted solutions provided by Halff are based on Microsoft SQL Server and Esri’s suite of GIS solutions. Halff is a member of the Esri Partner Network and a licensed Application Service Provider (ASP).

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