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Articles 03-01-2016

Texas Water 2016 Coming in April

Texas Water 2016 – the premier conference for water industry experts throughout the state – is set for April 19-22 at the Fort Worth Convention Center. Presented by the Texas section of the American Water Works Association (TAWWA) and the Water Environment Association of Texas (WEAT), Texas Water 2016 offers a full slate of technical sessions, networking opportunities and the latest advancements in the water industry. Following are brief overviews of the three technical sessions featuring Halff experts, and we hope you will make time to attend. (For more information please go to www.txwater.org.)

Bypass Pumping: The Artificial Heartbeat of Sewer Surgery

Presenters: Ben Stephens, PE, ENV SP, and Philip Wheat, PE,
Bypass pumping is often the key to a successful construction project for in-trench sewer replacement or sewer rehabilitation. In a world of aging infrastructure and environmental regulations, whose responsibility is it to design the bypass pumping system? Should the engineer be responsible for the phasing, sizing and alignment of bypass pumping installations or should the project be entrusted to the means and methods of the construction contractor? In the end, who’s liable if something goes wrong?

This presentation will consist of an overview of multiple projects in the Dallas-Fort Worth area requiring bypass pumping and the challenges associated with each. The projects include rehabilitation projects through prestigious properties, projects with limited corridors for bypass alignment and projects in environmentally sensitive areas. The presentation will include discussion of various design specifi cations to reduce the risk of spills while being mindful of factors such as bypass pumping costs, temporary impacts to traffic and neighboring businesses and residences, and damage to private property.

Funding Your CIP in the Age of Water Conservation

Presenters: Frank Crumb, PE, BCEE, with Kara Shuror of the Fort Worth Water Department
One of the most difficult jobs a Utility Manager has is funding the Capital Improvement Program. There is a constant battle among the needs of the utility, the realities of rate increases and the political issues associated with higher fees. This presentation will give an overview of the Fort Worth Water Department’s success in developing a long-term, sustainable funding source for the CIP related to rehabilitation and replacement. This source of annual funding along with Revenue Bond debt has created a sustainable CIP to fund projects related to growth, capacity and economic development as well as needed rehabilitation and replacement of the system.

Frank and Kara will discuss the components of an Integrated Planning Process that combines Strategic Planning, Capital Planning and Financial Planning as highlighted in “An Updated Approach to Water Revenue” as published by the Water Research Foundation. Also, the impact of Water Conservation and Drought Impacts on water revenues will be reviewed.

TRWD Reservoir Operations, Spring 2015 – From Water Conservation to Flood Operation

Presenters: Andrew Ickert, PE, CFM, with Courtney Jalbert and Alice Godbey of TRWD
During Spring 2015, the Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) went from nearly implementing Stage Two of its Drought Response Plan to 24/7 flood operation of its Upper West Fork Trinity River water supply reservoirs in a matter of weeks. Those reservoirs – Lake Bridgeport and Eagle Mountain Lake – do not have a designated flood pool, and the margin between normal pool elevation and finished floor elevation of surrounding homes and businesses is small. TRWD was faced with important reservoir release decisions in May and June, balancing the consequences of those decisions both on the lake and downstream. To aid in the decision-making process, TRWD put to use its new Upper Trinity River Flood Operations – Decision Support System (UTRFO-DSS) developed in 2013 by Halff in conjunction with David Ford Consulting Engineers, Inc. The UTRFO-DSS is a custom software suite that allows TRWD to make informed decisions at reservoirs based on real-time precipitation, stream flow and reservoir elevation data from the National Weather Service, USGS and TRWD’s own gauge network. The system allows TRWD to run alternative release schedules and evaluate the upstream and downstream impacts of their decisions as well as making pool level forecasts. This presentation will explain how TRWD used the UTRFO-DSS to successfully minimize the damage caused by the historic flooding.

The Take-Away

Halff is fully invested in sharing valuable information that can help our clients solve immediate issues and plan for the future through innovation and smarter solutions. Halff has a multi-disciplined team of professionals who work together to help clients achieve long-lasting results and the greatest value for our clients’ investments. If Halff Associates can assist your team, please call Executive Vice President Jessica Baker, PE, CFM, PMP, at (214) 217-6692.