Finding the Right Solution Often Includes Software Development

Articles 02-27-2019

Halff employees have been dedicated to solving problems and creating sustainable solutions since the firm was founded 69 years ago.

Halff’s Software Development practice plays a large role in finding those solutions by providing innovative tools that allow our clients to accomplish complex tasks efficiently and overcome challenges. We produce software customized for our clients’ business processes to maximize productivity, which creates a platform necessary to realize true business success.

Our team of developers, which includes Microsoft Certified Solutions Developers (MCSD) and Professional Scrum Masters (PSM), increases business productivity through the automation of processes, allowing for faster communication, increased time spent on strategic priorities and greater project completion rates.

For example, Halff’s custom software products have accomplished the following tasks:

  • Documented assets in real time

  • Prioritized and ranked watersheds by assigning assessment scores and weights

  • Replaced pipe segment information within a GIS pipeline model

  • Managed groundwater data components such as wells, permits, owners and inspections

  • Displayed changing attributes of a dam or stream in real time on a web-based map

  • Tracked and managed land parcels adjacent to the path of a pipeline project

  • Reviewed development plans related to stormwater runoff

  • Recorded project milestones

Cities and towns, utility companies and local government departments, water districts and groundwater conservation districts are a few of the entities that have benefited from these types of products. Realized benefits include automation, reporting and measuring performance as it relates to review metrics, access to real-time information for multiple users, mobility, instant processing, form generation and more.

Halff developers also understand support is a critical component of custom software development. Our developers are directly involved with client design, development and support, so answers to client questions are handled directly by those who developed the software.

For more information about Halff’s Software Development practice and its capabilities, contact Team Leader David Coyer at (214) 346-6210 or