Effective Communication with the Public

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What Is Public Participation? Public participation means involving those affected by a decision in the decision-making process. It includes the understanding that the public’s contribution will ultimately influence decisions. Public participation (also called public involvement) can be put into action in various ways: public ...

The Importance of Rehabilitation and Replacement of Water/Wastewater Lines

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Buried Below the Surface... lie miles upon miles of pipe, conveying clean drinking water to our homes and businesses and carrying wastewater away. ...

Ensure That Environmental Issues Don’t Delay Your Projects

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Did you know that Texas is home to 52 native freshwater mussel species that are a critical component of a healthy aquatic ecosystem? Mussels serve as water quality indicators and provide an important food source for other organisms. ...

Wetlands & Waterways – Navigating Federal Policy under the Clean Water Act

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Section 404 – What Is It & Why Is It Important to Your Project? In 1972, Section 404 of the Clean Water Act established a program to regulate the placement of dredged or fill material into waters of the United States. ...

Resolving Right-of-Way Issues

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What is ROW & Why Is It Important? Rights of way (ROW) are generally defined as the right of a person or entity to use the land of another in a particular project alignment. (Most agencies consider a right of way to be an easement.) ...

How Great Utility Coordination Leads to Project Success

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Infrastructure projects are on the rise as the Texas economy grows. To maximize project dollars, utility coordination is essential on most projects – from local site developments to major transportation projects. ...


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