In the Know: Week of April 15-19

In The Know 04-19-2019

Topics: Drone captures Notre Dame Cathedral fire aftermath … and how 3D laser scans may help reconstruction / Sports stadiums anchoring mixed-use developments / Fifteen years of earthquakes in one animation video / Water features a big part of commercial developments / D-FW Metroplex shows largest growth ...

In the Know: Week of April 8-12

In The Know 04-12-2019

Topics: Oklahoma City plans to be a destination city / Settlement on the moon? Here is a vision / Designs take advantage of Instagrammable moments / Study outlines how our neighborhoods have changed / 3D scanning in geospatial world continues to grow. ...

In the Know: Week of April 1-5

In The Know 04-05-2019

Topics: Spring has sprung … and so have potholes (bonus: video of a pothole-repairing drone!) / Common deicer may be causing more damage / New Texas MLB stadium one year away / Planning for wildfires is a growing challenge / Science behind atmospheric rivers. ...

In the Know: Week of March 25-29

In The Know 03-29-2019

Topics: A planner’s role in smart city development / Researchers prepare driverless cars for the unknown / Millennials are still purchasing cars / Groundwater by the numbers / Commercial drone delivery service takes flight. ...

In the Know: Week of March 18-22

In The Know 03-22-2019

Topics: Simulation integrates humans and autonomous cars / Texas Senate embraces resilience / Local park grants issued / Drones aren’t everywhere … yet / You’re invited to take a power nap. ...

In the Know: Week of March 11-15

In The Know 03-15-2019

Topics: Hi-tech transportation council / Pollutants out to sea / “Crime-fighting” parks / Water usage in the U.S. / Place and environment through basketball. ...

In the Know: Week of March 4-8

In The Know 03-08-2019

Topics: Female trailblazers in engineering such as Edith Clarke / National Proofreading Day / Blue-green infrastructure / Transportation funding movement in the U.S. / Texas high-speed rail. ...

In the Know: Week of Feb. 25-March 1

In The Know 03-01-2019

Topics: Autonomous solutions for the trucking industry / Apartment construction forecast / Utilizing drones for construction safety / Hottest markets for medical office building development / Groynes (not groins) and their purpose. ...

In the Know: Week of Feb. 18-22

In The Know 02-22-2019

Topics: New Orleans’ flood defense system / Three African-American inventors you need to meet / Smart technology in commercial buildings / Highway funding alternatives testing / Countries with most pavement per person. ...

In the Know: Week of Feb. 11-15

In The Know 02-15-2019

Topics: LEED building in Texas / Roadway construction in the sea / Collin County (Texas) development / Mineral survey location monuments / Power generation at the Hoover Dam. ...

In the Know: Week of Feb. 4-8

In The Know 02-08-2019

Topics: Elevator safety during floods / Earthquake-detecting sensors / Soldiers outfitted with drones / Gondola rides to the ballpark / Emergency road repair funding. ...

In the Know: Week of Jan. 28-Feb. 1

In The Know 02-01-2019

Topics: World’s tallest buildings / Driverless vehicle liability legislation / Warehouse construction forecast in DFW / Self-healing metal coating strategy / VR theme parks in malls. ...

In the Know: Week of Jan. 21-25

In The Know 01-24-2019

Topics: Vision for Houston Spaceport / Technology in urban park development / Best and worst places to drive / LiDAR being used to measure snowpack / 3D printing concrete evolves. ...

In the Know: Week of Jan. 14-18

In The Know 01-18-2019

Topics: Winter water headaches / Road maintenance and our environment / DFW Metroplex commercial real estate / Importance of designing and building to code / Mixed reality being used in construction. ...


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